Keeping Our Cocktail Game Strong.

By Posted in - News & Updates from Bicos Hospitality on February 25th, 2015

We started off with an impressive list of signature house cocktails upon opening our doors last October.  Kicking off the bar program was Evan Zimmerman, a Portland-based bartender and cocktail craftsman who had previously worked at some of the finest bars in the country, including Teardrop Lounge, Laurelhurst Market and The Woodsman Tavern up in Portland.

To execute and expand upon Zimmerman’s original vision, we commissioned Colin Shearn, who brings 15 years of experience to our bar.  Colin is an East Coast bar star, having been the opening Bar Manager at Philadelphia’s famed The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., which was a semi-finalist for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program three years running under his reign.  In two words, he’s pretty alright.

With Shearn’s revisions, our cocktail menu now features a list of drinks that run the gamut from light and fruity to strong and boozy. Whether you are a full-on cocktail aficionado, or a curious but cautious beginner, swing by and see what our drink menu has to offer.  There’s something for everyone, we’re sure of that!

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