Switching Seasons.

By Posted in - News & Updates from Bicos Hospitality on July 25th, 2015

As July winds down and August approaches, we’ll be switching out some key players on the drink menu at Magnolia House.  Say goodbye (albeit a temporary one) to Love is Not a Victory March, the Copper Heart, the Barracuda, and the Phantom Engineer.

While all delicious, the rising temperatures called for some fruity, refreshing, and creative crowd pleasers; and believe you me… our bar manager Brian Klemm did not disappoint with this lineup of late summer libations!  Introducing, for the first time ever, a list of the five new cocktails hitting our menu on August 10th:

Marigolds at Magnolia (pictured) — Pisco, lemon, edible marigold flowers, honey, and rose water.

Notes from Granny — Gin, granny smith apples, mint, basil, and cucumber.  Garnished with a chunk of bleu cheese and handwritten note from Granny. Literally.

The American Dream — House infused strawberry bourbon, lemon, simple, and fresh mint.

El Fugitivo — Tequila, raspberry, lime, cacao, amaretto, and a dash of anise.

Mag House’s Badass Coffee — Rum, ancho reyes chili, cinnamon, cream, coffee, and holland red chili
**Available on our dessert menu weekly and on our Brunch menu every Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 2pm